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Study Shows Many Seniors Should Worry About Running Out of Money

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The majority of older Americans worry about running out of money in retirement. Based on a study published a few months ago, these seniors and their families are right to be worried.

The study, conducted by the University of Michigan, analyzed data from some 1,200 people who died between 2010 and 2012. Among those 85 years old and older, 20 percent had no assets at the time of their death except their homes – and 12 percent died with no assets at all except Social Security and, in some cases, modest pension benefits. A further analysis showed that those who died younger were statistically even worse off, with about one-third dying without assets.

(Click here to read the brief article, which also contains links to the study and some related resources.)

The article at the website also refers to a powerful link between good health and financial strength – or, as it says, “between health and wealth.” It’s a fact that healthier people tend to be much better off financially – another reason to make good health choices starting as early in your life as you can. The investment you make in your health today pays lifelong dividends.

While the article’s conclusions about senior finances may seem bleak, if you’ve been listening to our philosophy here at Aging Options, you know that you do have many tools at your disposal to help ensure a sound, solvent retirement. The key is a strong Life Plan. A Life Plan will help you protect your assets as you age, a vital consideration for senior adults. Setting up a plan to guard your resources helps you live the kind of retired life you choose to live – not a life chosen for you by others.

We urge you to attend one of our Life Planning Seminars to find out more. These are scheduled at dates, times and locations throughout the area – simply click on the Upcoming Events tab to find the location nearest you. We also welcome the chance to meet with you in person. Planning for retirement today will help keep you from financial hardship tomorrow.

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