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Seniors, Don’t Wait: Get Your Flu Shot Now!

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If history is any guide, 90% of those who die in the months ahead from the flu will be 65 years old or older. Because flu is such a serious threat to seniors, getting your annual flu shot is a must – and the time to act is now.

That’s the strong advice from an online article on the website The article, called Seniors Must Get Flu Shot Now, is subtitled “The deadly season is here.” The point of the article is crystal clear: older men and women should not take flu danger lightly. Recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention state that everyone age 6 months old or older needs the shot, preferably by October. But the annual vaccine is particularly important to seniors.

According to the article, those 65 and older now have two choices in flu vaccines: the regular dose or a newer, higher dose formulated for seniors. (You may also have heard about the nasal spray flu vaccine, but that is not an approved option for those over age 49.) The CDC has not stated which of the vaccines, regular or high dose, they recommend, but studies are underway.

Besides getting vaccinated, it’s especially important that seniors take all the common sense precautions to avoid illness. Stay away from friends and family who are sick; wash hands frequently; cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. And if you’re feeling ill, do everyone around you a favor and stay home from work, church or family gatherings!

Maintaining your health is a big part of continuing to live independently. Something as common as the flu can lead to a cascade of health setbacks that can force you into a living situation that is not of your choosing! So take the CDC’s advice and get vaccinated now.

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