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A comprehensive study shows disturbing evidence that one third of seniors over age 79 are taking statins – with little or no evidence of cardiovascular disease.

An article published recently on the website quotes a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine that statins are being widely prescribed to the most elderly group of seniors “without any evidence from testing.” In 1999-2000 less than 9% of people in this age group were taking prescribed statins, but by 2012 that rate had skyrocketed to 34%.

Maintaining good health is vital to any retiree. As we age, our good health is vital if we want to maintain our independence. That’s all the more reason why seniors need to be smart consumers when it comes to prescription medications!

The authors of the survey criticized the medical establishment for not exercising appropriate caution in giving “marginally effective treatments to untested populations.” We echo that assessment: use caution and ask lots of questions in evaluating the medications you take.


Click here to read the article about high rates of statin use.

(Originally published on the website

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