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We saw an interesting article recently on the website It points out the interesting fact that many seniors have little or no idea what kind of retirement lifestyle they really want. They may know they want to maintain their independence and not be forced into institutional living against their wishes, and they may know they want to avoid becoming a burden to their families. But beyond that, many have no inspiration about how they want to spend what could be the richest and most productive years of their lives.

Author Cynthia Barnett writes that there are three ways to explore and discover the inspiration that can lead to a fulfilling retirement. (The article is posted here).

First, she writes, consider your dreams and passions. Were there hopes and dreams you had as a younger person that you put aside as impossible or impractical? Your senior years may finally present you with the opportunity to pursue those dreams. Those “impractical” dreams may bring fulfillment and inspiration in your retirement.

Next, consider your personal strengths. Don’t limit yourself to talents you developed on the job (although those gifts might also apply). Any ability or character quality you possess can lead to satisfying retirement years as you learn how to develop those abilities and put them to good use. Maybe there’s a skill you always wanted to hone – retirement years are your chance.

Finally, think about giving back to society. For many, retirement years offer the first opportunity in an adult’s lifetime to immerse yourself in the rewarding opportunities to serve the needs of others. Few things are more satisfying than senior years filled with service.

The lesson is clear. Take charge of every aspect of your retirement plan. Discover what brings you joy, satisfaction and inspiration. If you do, your retirement years can truly be the “golden years” you’ve looked forward to.


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