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Tablets: a Great Way to Help Seniors Go Digital

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Everyone knows there’s a wealth of information available online to help seniors. Here at Aging Options we want our website to provide you with “one stop shopping” to help you find the facts you need to live a richer, healthier and more independent life. But how will you access it?

Many of our clients are computer-savvy and are used to tracking down valuable information on their laptop, PC or smartphone. But if you’re a senior stuck in an analog world, or if someone you love feels left behind by technology, what’s the best way to bridge the digital divide?

This article from the website Senior offer a simple answer: the best way for seniors to go digital is often by buying a tablet. These handy handheld devices offer the capacity and versatility of a computer with the convenience of a smart phone. The larger screen helps seniors navigate to the websites they need (including and the fact that no mouse is required makes tablets far easier for most seniors to use. Also the cost to buy a tablet is low – and getting lower.

There’s more to this idea than mere entertainment. Our clients are passionate about maintaining their independence. We know that staying mentally and emotionally healthy is one important way to avoid being forced into institutional care against one’s wishes. Believe it or not, being online can help! The article quotes researchers who found that Internet use among the elderly can actually help ward off depression.

“It’s all about older persons being able to communicate, to stay in contact with their social networks and just not feel lonely,” said the study’s author, Professor Sheila Cotten of Michigan State University.

So if it’s time for you or a senior you love to go digital, check into a tablet. And remember, the first website you’ll want to bookmark is this one:!

(Originally published in the journal Educational Gerontology)

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