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Too Much Senior Housing: Why Aren’t Seniors Moving In?

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What choices will you have available for housing in your retirement years? If present trends are any indication, there may be plenty of options available when it’s time to make this vital decision.

This article from the website Age in Place describes a fascinating phenomenon: too much senior housing capacity is being built – or some might say “over-built” – so much so that, as the article states, “There may turn out to be unoccupied senior housing units in the future.”

But why are there too many housing units chasing too few seniors? With so many boomers aging into their retirement years, why aren’t senior housing units filled to the max?

In our LifePlanning seminars, we spend quite a bit of time talking about housing. Few decisions are more important for the senior who wants to avoid being forced into institutional care. Where you live and how you live has a huge impact on your quality of life. But here’s something that our conversations with thousands of seniors have shown repeatedly: most seniors want to age in place, remaining in their own home as long as possible. That’s why, as the article points out, the average age when seniors move into senior housing remains in their mid-80’s

This article sheds light on some of the uncertainty in the senior housing market. But we think it’s good news for seniors: as you age, you will probably find a surprising host of housing choices available to you. Find out more at one of our LifePlanning seminars, or by reading some of the Housing articles archived at .




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