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Weekly Round-Up 7/7/12

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  • Reverse mortgage report: There is an upside to a reverse mortgage, and then there is a down side. The upside it that it can be a godsend to those trying to tap their equity in retirement to make ends meet; the downside is that most people using the reverse mortgage are not doing so for the reasons why the mortgage was created in the first place. So, when should you consider a reverse mortgage? View this PDF to learn more.
  • The face of eldercare providers: The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that almost half of all Americans over age 85 will be dealing with dementia related issues which will render them incapable of living independently. Who are the bulk of the care providers? Turns out, 45 – 64 year olds, most of them women, and overwhelmingly large percentage of them living in different households. Could this be you in the future? What challenges will you face? How will it affect your life?
  • Cardiac surgery leads to extended cognitive problems: You don’t just have to be concerned about Alzheimer’s. Turns out many elderly patients who undergo cardiac surgery face extended cognitive problems. Is that a risk you should consider before opting for the surgery? Could the cure be worse than the illness? But more importantly, what should you do when considering cardiac surgery late in life? If you don’t want to become a burden on others, explore care management options! Chart out a plan of action before the surgery in case you have to deal with the issues. And a good Geriatric Care Manager can be of immense assistance in the process. Learn more about effects of cardiac surgery.
  • Vitamin D prevents fractures (you know, the one that comes from the sun): In the great Northwest, Vitamin D is in more demand. Are you getting enough? And if not, does it increase your risk of fractures in later years?

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