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Soundpath Health introduces Medicare Academy, an easy-to-use one-stop website specifically designed by Soundpath Health to help consumers navigate the complex Medicare maze.

As thousands of baby-boomer Americans are becoming eligible for Medicare each week, the oftentimes confusing ins and outs of Medicare continues to be a point of frustration for many individuals – even to those who are currently using the program.

Addressing this issue head-on, Soundpath Health has launched a new website – Medicare Academy – that offers a fact-finding solution to new and current Medicare beneficiaries researching Medicare and Medicare Advantage resources for themselves or a loved one. The Medicare Academy site is available to all consumers without charge.

The more consumers know about Medicare, the more empowered they can be to make important decisions about health care. The Soundpath Health Medicare acadeMy website offers basic information about Medicare, addresses the Medicare enrollment process and how to stay informed about changes in Medicare, and provides tips to understanding Medicare jargon.

Medicare acadeMy also offers:
➤ An educational video on the ABCs – and D – of Original Medicare
➤ Free use of Medicare tools and resources, and free downloads of “101 Tips for Caregivers”
➤ Sample scenarios to consider when choosing a Medicare Advantage plan
➤ Access to e-newsletter engagement tools such as “Medicare Minute”
➤ Historical references on Original Medicare

Soundpath Health encourages new and current Medicare beneficiaries, as well as caregivers, to take a look at the Medicare Academy website and discover what a great resource it can be. It’s easy to find at

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