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Should I Use A Will Or A Trust?

                                                                                            Will or Trust?  The issue has been raised as to whether a will or a living trust would be most appropriate in a particular situation. The following is a general explanation which outlines the advantages and applicability for both.     © 2011 Rajiv Nagaich Wills and Trusts both accomplish the same goals, but differently. … Read more

Safe Harbor Trusts

Traditional Estate Planning is based on notions that may be out of sync with today’s realities. They deal with the notion that estate planning should be undertaken for the benefit of removing the troubles for the heirs; the assumption being that one will go to sleep and never wake. This article talks about how Safe Harbor Trusts can help with these problems.

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Should I have a Safe Harbor Trust?

This was the question asked by one of the callers during a recent AgingOptions radio show. This is a very common & good question that I get from my listeners & clients all the time. The answer to this question is if your estate is worth between 50k -1.5 million dollars, you should take a very … Read more

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