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Protecting your heir's digital inheritance

When I was a kid, my aunt worked at the only bank in my hometown. The classy décor included wood paneling, large windows and a quiet usually associated with libraries. In fact, that bank resembled Gringotts Wizarding Bank from Harry Potter fame (though not as large and unfortunately missing the fabulous underground passage containing the … Read more

Should I Use A Will Or A Trust?

                                                                                            Will or Trust?  The issue has been raised as to whether a will or a living trust would be most appropriate in a particular situation. The following is a general explanation which outlines the advantages and applicability for both.     © 2011 Rajiv Nagaich Wills and Trusts both accomplish the same goals, but differently. … Read more

Preventing Will from Being Contested

Emotions can run high at the death of a family member. If a family member is unhappy with the amount they received (or didn’t receive) under a will, he or she may contest the will. Will contests can drag out for years, keeping all the heirs from getting what they are entitled to. It may … Read more

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