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According to a new article posted on the website, a growing number of American adults are being given too many prescription drugs – especially pain pills. And the numbers are rising even more alarmingly among seniors. If you or someone you care about is a retiree who is determined to maintain their independence and quality of life, understanding the dangers of over-prescription is imperative.

The AARP article is posted here.

In the article, Dr. David Tauben from the University of Washington explains why seniors are at particular risk of being prescribed too many pain pills. He states, “For one, they’re more likely to suffer chronic pain and to be prescribed an opioid drug for it. Second, the body’s ability to clear drugs from the system declines with age, so a safe dose for younger people can be an overdose for older patients.” Tauben adds that the danger is compounded when people are taking several different drugs.

The message is clear. Seniors have to take control of their own health care, do their research and ask the right questions. Caregivers have a particular responsibility to help the seniors they love avoid the dangers of over-prescription. Maintaining your independence means maintaining your health – and that can start with knowing exactly what you’re being prescribed, and why.

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