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As we age, sometimes seniors can find themselves slipping into a bad habit: isolation. There are many reasons for this, but it’s essential to a senior’s sense of well-being that we recognize the perils of isolation and practice the kind of habits that help us break that potentially destructive cycle.

A recent article on the website caught our eye. It’s called Ten Ways Seniors Can Boost Mental Health and Well-Being, and it talks about developing basic habits that can keep seniors from becoming depressed. Since depression is known to contribute to a host of medical issues, these habits will be vital for any senior who wants to age in his or her own home and avoid becoming a burden to their loved ones. This article states that depression afflicts more than 6.5 million American seniors.

Most of these ten ideas will seem familiar, but a few may surprise you. For example, you might follow suggestion #7 – “Get a pet.” Or perhaps follow suggestion #6 and go back to school.

Read the entire list here.

Bottom line: one great way to stay emotionally health is to stay connected.

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