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MarketWatch Article Says Picking the Right Financial Adviser is the Most Crucial Retirement Decision – but Is It?

Every few weeks or so here at AgingOptions, we come across articles that promise to reveal the True Secrets of Retirement Success. This one, which we just found a few weeks ago at MarketWatch, is no exception. According to MarketWatch contributor Mark Hulbert, the single most important thing you can do to ensure retirement success … Read more

Do You Need a Retirement Planner or Financial Planner? Rajiv Says it’s a Distinction without a Difference!

Typically, as we scan the web for articles to feature here on the AgingOptions Blog, we look for ones that reflect our general philosophy about retirement planning. We gravitate toward articles that emphasize retirement planning as a holistic endeavor, where all the key elements have to work together in a well-integrated strategy. Those elements – … Read more

“Fee-Only” vs. “Fee-Based” Financial Planning – a Crucial Difference

One of the questions we receive frequently here at AgingOptions, in our seminars or on the radio, involves choosing a financial adviser. We’re often asked something like this: “One financial planner is asking me to pay a fee, while another is compensated based on commissions. Which one is better?” This recent article from the website … Read more

Long-Running Retirement Study Finds Confidence Up, Readiness Down

Because we’re in the profession of preparing clients for retirement, we’re always interested in research that sheds light on how Americans are thinking about (and planning for) their senior years. The longest-running survey of its kind in this field, called the Retirement Confidence Survey, is put out by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI). We … Read more

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