New Study Shows 20 Percent of U.S. Seniors Rationing or Skipping Prescription Medications Due to Cost

“Follow your doctor’s orders!” That’s what most of us have been told since we were kids, haven’t we? That sage advice seems to apply with particular emphasis when it comes to taking prescription drugs – we’re always reminded to take every pill on time, since our good health depends on it. Given that cultural background, … Read more

Think You Can’t Afford to Save for Retirement? These Tips Can Help Even Lower-Wage Workers Set Money Aside

It’s not surprising to read that many seniors are approaching retirement with little or no savings set aside. In fact, just recently we presented a story here on the Blog describing how money woes are impacting Americans’ mental health. If you’re already retired, or within a few years of stopping regular work, you might think … Read more

Couples With a Big Age Difference Between Spouses May Need Some Special Retirement Planning – Including a Financial Dashboard

To make a marriage work, what’s the ideal age difference between partners? While statisticians may be able to give a technical answer to that question, the fact is that any marriage can work, no matter which partner is older and by how many years. Still, as we read last summer in this article from the … Read more