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Beyond the Brochure: What Your Retirement Community Won’t Tell You

Here at AgingOptions we typically hear from our clients, radio listeners and seminar guests that it’s their fervent hope to stay in their homes as they age – to “age in place,” as this preference is called. Aging in place is a wonderful option for retirees, but it’s not the only option. There are still … Read more

A Surprising Problem in Senior Living Communities: Bullying

As seniors plan for retirement, one of their chief questions is, “Where will I live?” We deal with this question every day with our clients. For many healthy seniors, the perfect solution can be one of the growing number of senior living communities. These communal facilities allow seniors to avoid more traditional institutional care by … Read more

Ancillary services at senior communities extend beyond home health to incorporate financial, dental and pharmacy services

For some time now, senior living providers of all types have focused on providing community programs outside the walls of their facilities as a method to boost their bottom lines and diversify. Many provide wellness classes, salons, home health care, continuing education classes and art programs to residents and non-residents alike. But, in a continuing … Read more

The ugly side to retirement community living

Printer Friendly VersionMultilevel housing, senior housing that takes an independent person or an individual with some assistant living needs and moves with them through a progression of greater and greater physical and/or mental needs, boasts the benefits of never having to move again.  What many of those places don’t say is that while you can … Read more

Investigate senior housing decisions before signing any document

Grievances about timeshares, retirement communities and assisted living facilities showed up in the Top 10 Consumer Complaints report put out by the Consumer Federation of America for the first time in 2012.  Here’s a Forbes article about scams.  While the major culprit appears to be mainly timeshares, the reality is that many people see dollar … Read more

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