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Being a Caregiver Is a Powerful Way to Learn to Love

Can you love being a caregiver? Perhaps not – but you can learn a lot about love, being a caregiver. That’s the theme of a powerful, personal article that we came across this week on the NextAvenue website. Writer and speaker Connie Baher wrote the piece as a Valentine of sorts for caregivers. Valentine’s Day … Read more

Do You Expect Family Support during Retirement?

As an elder law attorney, nearly all the work I do with my clients is facilitated by members of their family. Family members are often the people who call me about their elderly loved ones. Family members bring their loved ones to meetings. Family members are the ones who provide care. The family is the … Read more

Inheritance in 2024: Will the “Great Wealth Transfer” Turn into a Bust?

For many years, financial prognosticators have been peering into their crystal balls and predicting what has come to be called “the Great Wealth Transfer.” The scenario is pretty simple: as millions of baby boomers have moved through the population, driven by a post-World-War-Two baby boom that never let up all through the 1950s and early … Read more

Technology in 2024: Can a “Chatty Robot” Help Reduce Senior Loneliness?

Can advances in technology in 2024 help stem the epidemic of loneliness affecting millions of seniors? We were skeptical, until we learned about a new “robotic companion” that is already in use, helping isolated seniors connect with friends and family and giving them someone – or something? – to interact with. Before we introduce you … Read more

The Right Approach to Funeral Planning Can Help Ease Family Grief

If you’ve ever faced the emotional trauma of having to do funeral planning for a loved one, you’ll be able to empathize with this article from the Kiplinger website. It reminds us of something we might rather not think about: the importance of funeral planning and the reality of our own death. One day we will each shake … Read more

Retirement Planning: Managing the Shift from Breadwinner to Retiree

Are you preparing for retirement? If you answered a speedy “yes,” then it’s likely that your retirement planning has mostly involved finances. For most American workers, preparing for retirement means planning for that day when your financial situation makes it possible to say good-bye to that regular paycheck. If someone asks, “Are you ready for … Read more

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