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Practical Ways to Reduce Weight and Increase Mobility

It is true at any stage of life, but particularly true in the later stages of life – mobility is decreased by excess weight. The issues can become so serious that if the weight is not dropped it can be the tipping point between aging at home or institutional care. The good news is that, for the vast majority of people, this can be resolved not by dieting, but by a practical, common sense lifestyle changes. This information is uncomplicated and easy to understand, but it will take some effort to drop the weight and increase your health.

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Can what we eat to prevent dementia?

Looking to avoid Alzheimer’s disease? Step away from the hot dog and for that matter the bacon cheeseburger, the sugary donuts, and yes, even the pizza.  At least that’s one suggestion by a neuropathologist at Brown University.  Dr. Suzanne de La Monte said there’s growing evidence that eating foods with high nitrate levels or excess … Read more

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