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Study Links a Diet of Highly Processed Food with Risk of Cancer

Doctors and nutritionists have long suspected that the Western diet of highly processed foods, high in sugars and chemical additives, is bad for our health. Earlier this year, we read about a comprehensive medical study that showed for the first time what could be an alarming correlation between ultra-processed foods and some kinds of cancer. … Read more

One Tip for a Healthier Diet: Spice It Up!

Sometimes as they age, people cut back on spicy foods. Turns out that could be a mistake, according to a recent article on the website This article lists at least five proven health benefits of spicy foods – some of which may surprise you. Click here to read this entertaining and tasty article. The … Read more

Should You Eat Like Quarterback Tom Brady? Maybe!

One of the oldest quarterbacks in the NFL, New England Patriot Tom Brady (age 38), is still one of the best in the game. What’s his secret? Well, he probably has more than one, but lately a lot of attention has been paid to Brady’s unusually strict diet – an anti-inflammatory diet that some writers … Read more

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