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Study Shows 20 Percent of U.S. Seniors Skip Meds Due to Cost

“Follow your doctor’s orders!” That’s what most of us have been told since we were kids, haven’t we? That sage advice seems to apply with particular emphasis when it comes to taking prescription drugs – we’re always reminded to take every pill on time, since our good health depends on it. Given that cultural background, … Read more

Don’t Let Retirement Rob You of Your Identity!

As retirement edges closer for many boomers, they’re learning what millions have discovered before: retirement can rob us of our sense of identity. It’s essential, say retirement experts, to understand this fact ahead of time and deal proactively with the consequences of identity loss in retirement. Let’s face it, most of us in our 60s … Read more

There’s a Crisis Brewing in the Field of Elder Care

There’s a crisis brewing in the field of elder care. That’s the sobering consensus reached by most healthcare experts and demographers, and the consequences should be of concern to every American senior and their families. We’re experiencing a perfect storm: a rapidly growing cohort of people living longer combined with a shrinking workforce of caregivers. … Read more

Online Tool Helps Caregivers when Dementia Symptoms Overwhelm

Dementia can make the process of caregiving into a daily or even hourly struggle. Caregiving for a loved one is hard enough, but when that person begins to exhibit some of the behavioral difficulties that often accompany dementia, the challenges increase exponentially. But now there’s a resource available to caregivers desperate for tools to help … Read more

Retirement Planning: Managing the Shift from Breadwinner to Retiree

Are you preparing for retirement? If you are, then it’s likely that your retirement planning has mostly involved finances. For most American workers, preparing for retirement means planning for that day when your financial situation makes it possible to say good-bye to that regular paycheck. If someone asks, “Are you ready for retirement,” what they … Read more

How a Shift in Mindset Can Reveal the Benefits of Aging

James Taylor once sang, “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.” That profound concept occurred to us as we re-read an encouraging article about some of the happy surprises that can accompany aging. We all know about the stereotypes and the jokes, but as 77-year-old author Elizabeth Roper Marcus reminds us in … Read more

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