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Being a Caregiver Is a Powerful Way to Learn to Love

Can you love being a caregiver? Perhaps not – but you can learn a lot about love, being a caregiver. That’s the theme of a powerful, personal article that we came across this week on the NextAvenue website. Writer and speaker Connie Baher wrote the piece as a Valentine of sorts for caregivers. Valentine’s Day … Read more

Giving Financial Help to a Loved One on Medicaid: Know the Rules!

When a loved one goes on Medicaid for long-term care, the assumption (especially if that person is widowed or otherwise single) is that their resources are meager. Since family and friends may want to help out with “a little extra” to make the Medicaid beneficiary’s life a bit more pleasant, the question immediately arises: is … Read more

The Best Cure for Chronic Pain May Not Be What You Think

Do you suffer with chronic pain? If you do, you’re far from alone: according to the CDC, roughly 50 million Americans are chronic pain sufferers, with “chronic” defined as pain lasting three months or longer. The CDC report warns that “debilitating” pain “has been linked with depression, Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, higher suicide risk, … Read more

New Study: A Multivitamin May Slow Senior Memory Loss

Few topics are of more interest to seniors – or of greater significance – than the subject of memory loss. With memory loss on the rise, as evidenced by the increasing rates of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, seniors are clamoring for ways to slow the rate of memory loss for as long … Read more

Six Medicare Mistakes to Avoid for a Healthier Retirement

Does it seem odd to be talking about Medicare Mistakes in January? Wasn’t open enrollment clear back in the fall? Why talk about Medicare now? The reasons are simple. Here on the Blog, our goal is to present the most helpful and timely information we can to help you enjoy a safe, secure retirement – … Read more

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