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Kaiser Health News Report: Medicare Cuts Payments to Nursing Homes Whose Patients Keep Ending Up in the Hospital

Nursing home operators across the U.S. are being put on notice by the federal government: if their residents keep winding up in the hospital for reasons that could have been avoided, Medicare plans to hit the nursing homes right in the wallet. At the same time, the feds have announced financial incentives for nursing homes … Read more

For a Less Expensive, More Homelike Atmosphere in Senior Housing, Consider an Adult Foster Home

The housing choices for aging seniors have traditionally fallen into one of two categories: either living at home (including with a family member) or living in some sort of retirement home. Increasingly, however, seniors and their families are turning to a third “in-between” option. They’re choosing what many refer to as adult foster homes. A … Read more

Family Suspicions Confirmed: New Federal Data-Gathering Reveals Chronic Understaffing at Nursing Homes Nationwide

An eye-opening article just published on the website of Kaiser Health News reveals a troubling fact which most U.S. nursing homes would rather hide: the staffing levels at more than 14,000 facilities nationwide turn out to be far lower than the levels these nursing homes had previously reported to the federal government. The result, says … Read more

Cognitive Impairment Following Surgery Affects Thousands – Yet Few Are Warned Beforehand

If you are about to undergo surgery, the doctors will warn you about possible physical side effects during recovery. They’ll tell you how long it will be before you can resume your daily routine. They’ll advise you about medications and give you a list of precautions. But there’s one thing they may not tell you: … Read more

Three Tips for Helping Your Aging Parent Manage Medical Care

The woman sat with her aging mother-in-law across the desk from the oncologist. In front of the two women were 13 prescription bottles lined up in a row. Through tears of frustration the younger woman leaned forward, waved at the row of brown bottles with white prescription labels, and pointed her finger at the oncologist. … Read more

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