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There’s a Crisis Brewing in the Field of Elder Care

There’s a crisis brewing in the field of elder care. That’s the sobering consensus reached by most healthcare experts and demographers, and the consequences should be of concern to every American senior and their families. We’re experiencing a perfect storm: a rapidly growing cohort of people living longer combined with a shrinking workforce of caregivers. … Read more

Housing Dilemma: Should You Rent or Buy in Retirement?

As they approach retirement, many seniors are finding themselves asking a basic question about their housing: is it better to rent or buy? There are advocates on both sides of the argument, so deciding what’s right for you may not be all that simple. Home ownership has for generations been considered the centerpiece of the … Read more

Multigenerational Households More Common as Families Rediscover the Benefits

Multigenerational households used to be commonplace in the U.S.  Now, after decades of decline, multigenerational households appear to be making a comeback. For generations, it was considered normal in this country (and even more so in other cultures) for several generations of a single family to live under the same roof. In bygone days, mom … Read more

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