Even with an Empty Nest, Plenty of Time, and Lots of Good Intentions, Decluttering Your Home Can Be Harder Than You Expect

Not to skip right past Christmas – but a glance at the calendar tells us that we’re not far from New Year’s Day, which means a set of New Year’s resolutions. We suspect that for many of our readers, “getting rid of the clutter” is high on the list. Since the COVID pandemic started, we’ve … Read more

Senior Housing: 55-Plus Communities May be a Marketing Success, but Many Retirees Prefer the Benefits of More Diverse Living

As the baby boomers age, the demand for new, more exciting forms of senior living is mushrooming all across America – particularly in Florida, where the master-planned community The Villages is now home to more than 50,000 people. In fact, according to this intriguing article from NextAvenue, The Villages is the nation’s fastest growing community, … Read more

Is Your Retirement Plan a House of Cards?

If you’re the average American, your retirement plan consists of legal documents (your estate plan) and a nest egg (your financial plan) designed to achieve two primary goals: This kind of planning works beautifully if you’re lucky enough to die in your sleep. Most of us won’t be so fortunate. More than two thirds of … Read more

Common Sense, Cost-Effective Program Helps Low Income Seniors Safely Age in Place

In our technology-driven society, it seems we tend to rely too much on professional health care providers, nursing homes, and digital solutions to solve all of our health care problems – an observation that seems especially true when it comes to senior care. But often the best ideas for healthy aging appear to come, not … Read more

AARP Report: Older Homeowners Association Members Who Fall Behind on Dues and Fees Face Increasingly Harsh Treatment

As people plan ahead for retirement, they often think about downsizing – and that often means selling the large, old family home and moving into a low-maintenance condo or a planned senior community. Those can be terrific options for seniors looking for the dream of carefree living. But be careful: that type of home typically … Read more

No Laughing Matter: Hoarding Disrupts Families, Endangers Health, and Costs Thousands to Remedy

Hoarding is one of those little-understood habits that people sometimes laugh about or make light of (or even feature on so-called reality television shows). But you are the adult child of a hoarder, you know the issue is no laughing matter. This article that appeared a few months ago on the NextAvenue website, written by … Read more

Reverse Mortgage Update: Falling Home Prices Plus Insufficient Retirement Savings Make This the Time to Act

You’ve heard about it – you’ve read about it – you’ve thought about it. The idea of a reverse mortgage has been on your “retirement radar” for quite a while, but for some reason you’ve delayed taking action. A pair of recent news articles might just change your mind and persuade you that now is … Read more

Shrinking Inventory and Rising Mortgage Rates are Creating “a New Housing Crisis” for Boomers Looking to Downsize

As today’s boomers hit retirement, more and more are grappling with the question, “Do we downsize or do we age in place in our current home?” As this just-published Bankrate article makes clear, the choice isn’t quite that clear. “Baby boomers are struggling to downsize,” the article warns, “and it could create the next housing … Read more