Kiplinger: Here Are Some Ways Retirees Can Find Common Ground When One Spouse Spends Too Much

Marriage counselors often say that the things that cause the most stress for young marrieds are sex, money, and the in-laws. But as time goes by, and especially when retirement looms, money problems tend to jump into the top spot in the marital strife department. It’s one thing to have misunderstandings about spending when both … Read more

Kaiser Report: Price Tag for Controversial Alzheimer’s Drug Could Hit $56 Billion Per Year – Are There Better Uses for Those Dollars?

The story was all over the news last month as the Food and Drug Administration gave its approval to a controversial new Alzheimer’s drug to be marketed under the brand name Aduhelm. Almost immediately a backlash arose over the fact that the drug doesn’t seem to cause a degree of improvement that would justify its … Read more

Some Good Budgeting News: After Eliminating These Expenses, Your Spending in Retirement Might Actually be Less Than You Think

Will you spend more in retirement, or less? While some retirees do go a little crazy in the first few years of retirement with travel and other luxuries, once things settle down most people find to their surprise that they’re spending considerably less than before.  Last year we read this article from USNews that lists … Read more

These Three “Money Traps” Can Catch You by Surprise in Retirement – and Could Even Drain Your Savings

We’ve read an untold number of articles warning retirees about the financial pressures they’ll be facing as they grow older. We’ve read endless alerts about the perils of inflation. We’ve seen dozens of articles explaining how many hundreds of thousands of dollars the average senior is going to end up paying for health care. From … Read more

Kiplinger Report: With Low Interest Rates, Inflation Risk, and Market Volatility, Today’s Retirees are Facing “a Perfect Storm”

Back when many of our parents and grandparents retired, depending on the type of work they did, the odds were good that they retired with a company pension. Research into the history of pensions shows that, in 1950, one-quarter of the private sector workforce had access to some form of company-ensured pension payments when they … Read more

Getting Out of Debt is a Worthwhile Goal, Yet Survey Finds Almost Half of Americans Expect to Retire Owing Money

“Getting debt-free” has become a common financial mantra. As the years go by and we age toward eventual retirement, the common wisdom has traditionally suggested that we will pay off more and more debt, then step blissfully into our retirement years financially free and unencumbered. But as it turns out, that “common wisdom” of retiring … Read more

The Holidays Offer a Good Chance to Talk with Parents About Finances – but Handle the Subject with Care and Empathy

For many families, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day will be different this year than last. One year ago, millions of families skipped holiday celebrations entirely due to COVID-related fears and travel restrictions. Yet in spite of the persistence and unpredictability of the virus, 2021 will feel different, with most Americans seemingly determined … Read more

Kiplinger: Paying for Long-Term Care from Your 401(k) Could Put You in Danger of a Major Tax Bite

If you’re like most retirees, a significant portion of your retirement savings is in pre-tax accounts such as a 401(k), 403(b) or IRA. And like most retirees you’re probably concerned about how best to cover any future long-term care costs that might arise. According to this recent article from Kiplinger, if you were counting on … Read more

Article Promises “Seven Steps to Retirement Security” – But, We Ask, is it Really Just About Money?

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