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A Retirement Worth Saving For: It Isn’t All About Money, but Also Good Health, Social Connection, and Day-to-Day Enjoyment

Imagine your retirement. What do you see? Leisure, hobbies, travel, volunteering? The joy of unlimited free time? According to this recent article from NerdWallet, by reporter Liz Weston, most people envision retirement simply as the end of their working life, and so they plan financially based on how many upcoming years of leisure time they … Read more

10-Year Study Shows Linkage between High Blood Sugar, Dementia

“The higher the blood sugar, the faster the cognitive decline.” That’s the bottom-line conclusion reported in this just-published article from The Atlantic.  At a time when people are becoming increasingly aware of the problems caused by too much sugar in our Western diet, now there’s one more reason to worry – and to redouble our … Read more

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