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Guest Column: Elder Law Attorneys Honor and Value Older Clients

By Aaron Paker, LifePoint Law Aaron D. Paker is an elder law attorney, father, husband and much more.  He was named Outstanding New Lawyer 2023 by the New Lawyers Division of the KCBA, and is dedicated to earning that honor through his service to clients and to fellow attorneys.  He can be reached at, … Read more

Before Naming a Trustee, Make Sure They Know What to Expect

Have you gone through the process of naming a trustee to take over a family trust after you’ve passed away? If you answer “yes,” that’s a good first step. But here’s an important follow-up query: does the trustee you’ve selected know that he or she is about to assume a potentially huge responsibility? If you … Read more

Will Your Estate Plan Undermine Your Dream Retirement?

Will Your Estate Plan Undermine Your Dream Retirement?

Why is someone who creates legal documents for a living speaking out about the shortcomings of estate planning? I have spent that last two decades watching people, including those with seemingly airtight estate planning documents , end up broke, a burden on their families, and forced into institutional care. The same thing that happened to my … Read more

To Protect Your Family, Avoid These Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning is an essential component of preparation for a happy and secure retirement. Sadly, all too many Americans ignore estate planning altogether, imagining – somehow – that everything will work out magically for their heirs once they pass from the scene. In fact, those heirs are the ones who will have to clean up … Read more

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