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Are You Getting the Right Retirement Planning Advice?

Traditional Retirement Planning Advice Isn’t Getting the Job Done In my book, my seminars, my radio show, and my workshops, I cite statistics about the effectiveness of traditional retirement planning advice that many people find shocking. Here are just a few examples: Even though most retirees hope to draw their last breath in the home they … Read more

Do You Expect Family Support during Retirement?

As an elder law attorney, nearly all the work I do with my clients is facilitated by members of their family. Family members are often the people who call me about their elderly loved ones. Family members bring their loved ones to meetings. Family members are the ones who provide care. The family is the … Read more

Will Your Estate Plan Undermine Your Dream Retirement?

Why is someone who creates legal documents for a living speaking out about the shortcomings of estate planning? I have spent that last two decades watching people, including those with seemingly airtight estate planning documents , end up broke, a burden on their families, and forced into institutional care. The same thing that happened to my … Read more

There’s More to Retirement Planning Than Saving Money

When you think of the term “retirement planning,” what comes to mind? For most Americans, financial planning is what comes to mind. In our country, retirement planning is synonymous with financial planning. Don’t believe me? Google the term “retirement planning” and see what comes up. When I Googled the term recently, I got 594 million … Read more

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