Life on the “Glide Path”: Nearly Half of All Workers Envision a Phased Retirement, and More Employers are Listening

The concept of phased retirement isn’t new. Workers have been saying for years that the idea of a “glide path” to full retirement, with gradually decreasing work hours, is their ideal solution, as compared the traditional concept of retirement as an either/or proposition. In the past, most workers reached the point where they were employed … Read more

Will your Power of Attorney ruin your retirement?

Did you know that an estate plan on its own isn’t enough to guarantee a successful retirement? Those legal documents—Wills and Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Directives—may give you a false sense of security, but they won’t prevent you from being forced into a nursing home if your health fails. They won’t keep you … Read more

This is like getting on a plane with a 70% chance of crashing

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve been preparing for retirement. You’ve saved money. You have an estate plan. Maybe you’re patting yourself on the back because you’re so well prepared. If this is the way you’ve prepared for retirement, you have a half-ass plan. Seventy percent of all retirement plans fail. The facts are startling, … Read more

Another Example of Traditional Estate Planning that Misses the Mark

Successful retirement is all about having plenty of money. If you just make sure you have ample investments and a steady income, you’ll enjoy retirement bliss. Sound familiar? If you read articles about retirement in the financial press, this seems to be the message you’ll hear, over and over. We just ran across another example … Read more