“There’s No Playbook”: Son Learns the Hard Way How Difficult It Is to Take Over the Affairs of an Aging Parent in Mental Decline

Ask someone who has been there, and they’ll tell you that caring for an aging parent in decline is one of the hardest things they’ll ever have to do. In this eye-opening article in US News, a son describes the incredible challenges he faced as he assumed control over his mother’s affairs during her severe … Read more

Battle Over the Estate of Artist Bob Ross Once Again Shows How Poor Planning Can Rob Family Members of Their Inheritance

The list of celebrities whose poor estate planning has created nightmares for their family is long and growing. We’ve read about Casey Casem, Tim Conway, Aretha Franklin, and Prince. Now we need to add the late Bob Ross – the PBS painter who coined the phrase “happy little accidents” and whose personality has created almost … Read more

The Key to a Happy Retirement is Planning, Says MarketWatch – and Not Just Financial Planning

We’re always a bit skeptical here at AgingOptions when we encounter an article – especially in a financial website like MarketWatch – with a title like, “Everything You Need to Do Before You Retire.” Nine times out of ten, it’s an article about saving more, spending less, adjusting your portfolio, and so on. In other … Read more

“Bored Boomers” Are Beginning to Ask, “Is Today’s Retirement Model Irrelevant?”

The so-called modern view of retirement is pretty straightforward. You start your work life with a series of jobs in your late teens and early twenties. Eventually you settle into your “life’s work” and follow that journey for four decades or so, saving money along the way. Sometime in your late sixties, certainly by age … Read more