70% of Retirement
Plan Will Fail.

Will yours be one of them?

A LifePlan can help you
beat the odds.

Avoid the nursing home. Avoid being a burden.
Avoid losing your money to unplanned care costs.

LifePlanning: A New Way to Take Control of Your Retirement

A LifePlan is a highly effective retirement plan that seamlessly coordinates your health, housing, finance, legal, and family issues, eliminating the gaps that lead to retirement plan failure for so many people. A LifePlan gets you ready for your whole retirement lifespan, including the parts toward the end that aren’t as much fun, like when you get sick and need help from others. You get a coordinated blueprint for a successful retirement, one that considers the interconnected nature of all the variables in the aging equation.

If you want a retirement where you don’t end up in a nursing home, become a burden, or run out of money, you’re in the right place.

Introducing The Portal

The Portal is the nation’s most affordable and powerful online platform for creating, managing, sharing, and maintaining your LifePlan. Create a coordinated, comprehensive, and multi-disciplinary LifePlan in the AgingOptions Academy, then upload your LifePlan to the LifePlan Organizer. The Portal is Mission Control for your retirement plan.


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Love being in control? You’ll love LifePlanning.

No matter what happens, you are in control of what comes next.

Your life. Your plan. Your way.

Nothing left to chance. That’s the power of a LifePlan.